Form and function made out of steel

Metals are wonderful materials. Functional, solid constructions can be made out of them as well as elegant design elements.

Of course it takes a lot of know-how and comprehensive production facilities. Our flexible island production comprises modern fibre laser and punching technology, break forming presses of 6.000 mm in length and round bending equipment just to mention an excerpt. Additionally we can rely on our in-house surface technology. So from bare steel until the most elaborate ready-to-use product we are able to offer you every stage of metal processing from one source.

More than 50 years of experience have made Suckow & Fischer the leading manufacturer for extraordinary metal structures and special purpose buildings:

  • Airports
  • Train Stations
  • Tunnels
  • Indoor Swimming Pools
  • underground car parks
  • Shopping Malls

We are looking forward to your challenge!

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