Metal suspension system for lay-in mineral fiber tiles or similar

Ceiling system 320

System Bandraster tartan grid system for mineral fiber
tiles or similar
suitable for Ceiling tiles with straight edges and surface specified
by manufacturer, individually replaceable
Characteristic Accentuated grid system,
tiles supported on 4 sides

Components comply with the valid DIN-EN standards.

Hanger distance A
at module size
1.200 mm: max. 1.200 mm
1.500 mm: max. 1.000 mm
2.000 mm: max. 750 mm
2.500 mm: max. 600 mm

Quantities are estimated based on large ceiling areas. Modules connecting to walls are not considered in this statement. For smaller rooms the requirement of material can be considerably higher. Distances to be agreed with panel manufacturer. No responsibility is taken for this statement.

itemorder no.descriptionthicknesslengthpacking unitquantity per sqm module size
1.200x1.200 mm
11/30nonius hanger upper part1,00 mmon demand100 pcs0,70 pcs*
21/14safety pin2,50 mm60 mm100 pcs1,40 pcs*
31/37 Bnonius hanger lower part1,25 mm120 mm100 pcs0,70 pcs*
4UBPmain bandraster gridon demandon demand8 resp. 4 pcs0,84 Meter
5UBVsplice1,00 m200 mm100 pcs0,24 pcs
6BWAwall anchor1,00 m72/92 mm100 pcson demand
7KV 21cross connector1,00 mm84 mm100 pcs1,40 pcs
8UBPcross bandraster gridon demandon demand1 pcs0,77 Meter
UBP SCHstamping of bandraster grid0,70 pcs
9DP 42perimeter angle trim, pierced0,50 mm3.000 mm60 Meteron demand

*We recommend at least one hanger per 1,5 sqm ceiling area.

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