Form and function made out of steel

Of course it takes a lot of know-how and comprehensive production facilities. Our flexible island production comprises modern fibre laser and punching technology, break forming presses of 6.000 mm in length and round bending equipment just to mention an excerpt. Additionally we can rely on our in-house surface technology. So from bare steel until the most elaborate ready-to-use product we are able to offer you every stage of metal processing from one source.

Development of project-specific systems

Where standard-systems face their limitations is where Suckow & Fischer systems come in to play. This is proven by all the extraordinary projects which we have realized. We support you with all our experience and competence from the very first idea, over drawings to detailed, technical plans. Based on your design specifications and technical requirements we take care of the choice of materials, detail planning and structural engineering including the relevant certification of stability.

Metal frame systems

No matter if wood, glass, gypsum boards or composites – processing and mounting cladding materials is your business? We deliver the right metal frame systems for you. That means perfect modular adaptation to the size of your cladding materials as well as a focus on quick and practical assembly. Of course we also provide useful assembly accessories like height adjusters and end profiles – and that matching to your own system.

Wall Claddings

We unite high-quality design and technical requirements. Installation areas, which have to be accessible, can be covered with elegant metal wall claddings. Maintenance of the hidden installation is then clean, easy and can be done without special tools for removing the metal wall cover. We produce metal wall claddings according to your design and matching to your subconstruction. If you have extraordinary wishes in terms of design or technology we offer you conception, development and production of a complete system from a single source.

Perforated metal

With us you can get more than straight or diagonal rows. We realize individual patterns and free designed motifs for sophisticated architecture. Combined with illumination from the backside of the perforated metal panels we give you the opportunity to create sparkling, impressive facades. By integrating nonwoven acoustic materials and noise insulation materials we make the acoustic effectiveness of perforated metal available for you.

Expanded metal

The efficient use of the material allows for low weight, great free cross-sections, light and air. The wavy surface emphasizes colour, light and shadow. There is a variety of applications for expanded metal. With expanded metal we cover your ceilings and walls from filigree design to robust requirements in terms of stability and corrosion protection.

Make use of your creative ideas – We take care of the technical requirements.

System 191

Metall suspension system with concavely or convexly curved DP 16/DP 17 runners for gypsum boards

System Braced grid system for curved gypsum boards or similar
suitable for Individual ceiling designs
Characteristic Smooth or perforated ceiling surface

System 200

Metal suspension system for large wood fiber panels or similar, T-grid system

System Metal suspension system, all exposed parts similar to RAL 9010 white
suitable for Wood fiber panels or similar, straight panel edges, kerved or beveled sides, individually replaceable
Characteristic Closed, partly recessed narrow joints, different combinations of joint widths possible

System 108

Metal suspension system for large wood fiber panels or similar, lay-in ceiling panels

System Metal suspension system, all exposed parts white similar to RAL 9010
suitable for Wood fiber panels or similar with kerved and beveled sides, individually replaceable
Characteristic Panel edges with recessed, closed joints, front side straight

System 107

Metal suspension system for metal planks and tiles hook-on mounting

System Self-supporting corridor system for metal planks and tiles with completely closed shadow perimeter trim
suitable for Perforated and smooth metal planks and tiles, each removable, adjustable wall connection
Characteristic Symmetrical layout with butt joints